✨ welcome to holo strips ✨

  • holo teeth whitening strips are clinically proven to whiten teeth. NO sensitivity. NO pain. absolutely safe for you and your teeth.

tips for best results:

    • drying your teeth thoroughly before use.
      • use a towel or some tissue to wipe teeth and gums
      • breathe through your teeth with your lips open
    • peel upper strip and apply the sticky side to the top teeth. press strip down firmly and fold over back teeth to secure.
      • press it down around your teeth and in between teeth.
    • repeat for lower strip on bottom teeth.
    • wait 30 minutes for whitening treatment.
    • remove strips. rinse off any residue with water. 
    • use once a day for 14 days or until you reach your desired shade.
  • you may use it as often as you'd like to maintain your whiter teeth. you may also use it to brighten up your smile before special occasions. 
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