How to Use the Holo Kit

We make sure you get a brighter smile safely and easily. Here's our simple 3-step guide to whitening your teeth at home with Holo!

Step 1. Apply. 

Twist the Holo Pen to release the teeth whitening gel. Coat each visible tooth.

How to Use Holo Apply

Our gel gets rid of discolored molecules, helping you make your teeth whiter.

Step 2. Wear for 16 minutes. 

Plug the Holo mouthpiece into your phone and wear. The light will automatically turn off after 16 minutes signaling the end of your session.

How to Use Holo Wear

Step 3. Rinse and smile! 

Rinse your mouth with water. Now, go and show the world those sparkly white teeth!

How to Use Holo Smile 


We recommend you use the Holo Teeth Whitening Kit every day for 1 week, or as long as you want. You may choose to use the kit once a week for maintenance.

Have any questions?

You can check our FAQ section or message us directly! We always reply as soon as we can. We can't wait to meet you!

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