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science-backed easy teeth whitening at home.

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  • "if you’re looking to upgrade your self-care regimen, Holo is definitely the way to go."

  • "It’s perfect for people like me who don’t really have a lot of “beauty routines” and are looking for something simple, quick, and effective.”

  • "Holo Teeth Whitening Kit is like a dental clinic whitening experience in a box."

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smile care is important.

Holo prioritizes you and science. It's all about what actually works, and what you'll love. We make intuitive, uncomplicated products designed to upgrade your confidence.

strips v2.0: boosted formula

stronger formula. gentle on you, tough on stains. transform your smile in 14 days.

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holo teeth whitening kit

whitens and brightens teeth safely and painlessly. removes years worth of teeth stains in just 1 week.

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  • recommended by dentists

    FDA approved. science-backed. effective, safe, and sensitivity-free.

  • thousands of happy customers

    relied on by thousands worldwide to keep their teeth whiter and brighter.

  • cruelty-free & vegan friendly

    we make sure everything is kind to you and to nature.

  • Leila A.

    "I'm very happy I finally tried HOLO! Simple and easy to use, it slips right into my nightly routine 🤍"

  • Arthur T.

    "I just finished my fifth session, and the result is already so good! It's completely sensitivity-free."

  • Holo Wanda After Photo with Shade Guide

    Wanda C.

    "It really gives you results! I love this, I'm obsessed with it! I did not experience any teeth sensitivity, I get to eat whatever food that I want, and I didn't have to avoid coffee."